• PRESS RELEASE:  Metro Skyways Ltd. releases design details of its hydrogen powered eVTOL CityHawk

    Two years after announcing plans to produce a five seat, hydrogen powered, CityHawk eVTOL, Metro Skyways (a wholly owned subsidiary of Urban Aeronautics) released today more details of its design, including the hydrogen based powertrain.

    CityHawk, being the dimensions of a delivery van and having no exposed rotors, is designed to be “road legal”.  It is the only multiple passenger, “Urban Air Mobility” eVTOL that has true “fly anywhere, land anywhere” capability.

    While CityHawk will initially be powered by jet fuel in order to expedite the airframe’s certification under FAA FAR 27, following certification it will convert to 700 bar compressed hydrogen propulsion.  Even with its new, hydrogen/Fuel Cell Stack (FCS) powertrain, Metro Skyways has developed technology which will still meet all FAA/EASA requirements for a Category A takeoff, manned, rotorcraft certified for commercial operation.  

    CityHawk incorporates a power train based on two separate FCS units.  Should one of the FCS units fail, the aircraft will be able to come down to a safe landing using power from the remaining FCS, with supplemental power available via on-board batteries contained in two Power Conditioning Units (PCUs).  only in very rare cases would an installed rocket-deployed parachute be required.  If it is ever deployed, it will be fully steerable from the cockpit to avoid damage to people or property on the ground. To provide extra safety to the occupants in the event of a hard landing or crash, special provisions are being implemented in the design that meet the existing requirements for a jet fuel / turbine powered variant, even while carrying hydrogen on board.

    CityHawk capitalizes on internal rotor FancraftTM technology developed by Urban Aeronautics Ltd. over two decades.  Besides the unprecedented, compact footprint, the internal rotors, combined with multi-bladed, slow turning fans, enable extra quiet operation.  CityHawk’s minimal noise will blend into the city background noise at a distance of 250 meters.

    Apart from the addition of a second engine (or FCS in the case of the H2 variant), CityHawk is identical in configuration, size and weight class to the Multi-Role, Cormorant UAV developed by sister company Tactical Robotics Ltd. which has accumulated in excess of 300 flights.  Cormorant is powered by a single 985 Horsepower turboshaft engine supplied by SAFRAN HE, the company’s design partner for its propulsion system.  

    In addition to the design of the air vehicle itself, Metro Skyways is working together with designers and city planners to make sure CityHawk’s planned operations and Concept of Use (ConUse) are fully integrated into the transportation needs of future, sustainable cities.
    For more information contact: Janina Frankel-Yoeli, info@urbanaero.com


  • PRESS RELEASE: ADAMA Agricultural Solutions Partners with Tactical Robotics on Ag-Cormorant UAV

    TEL AVIV, ISRAEL, March 25th, 2019 – Leading global crop protection company ADAMA Ltd. has partnered with Tactical Robotics Ltd., an innovative Israeli aerospace company, in a joint feasibility study for a High-Payload, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) for Aerial Spraying.

    Tactical Robotics has developed the Cormorant, a multi-role, compact, high payload, unmanned Vertical-Take-Off-and-Landing (VTOL) aircraft with unique capabilities. The Cormorant can carry an effective payload of more than 500 KG (up to 764 KG including fuel), it does not require an airstrip and can be transported by truck. The Cormorant is a versatile UAV platform capable of preforming multiple tasks, ranging from logistics and cargo services to fire-fighting and aerial spraying.

    As part of the collaboration, ADAMA and Tactical Robotics will work together to develop the Ag-Cormorant, an innovative solution for aerial spraying. ADAMA's expertise and know-how of the Ag industry alongside its farmer-centric approach dedicated for bringing valuable solutions to the farm ecosystem will guide the development direction and define the Ag-Cormorant capabilities.

    The Ag-Cormorant’s unmanned operation and unique design promote a new standard of safety in aerial spraying. It eliminates the risks of pilot injuries and exposed rotor accidents. With a relatively low acoustic signature and 24/7 flying capabilities it will significantly increase the available window for application. The Ag-Cormorant’s ability to adjust flight height and speed according to the mission in combination with unique aerodynamic properties enables better canopy penetration, drift reduction and variable rate application capabilities. 

    Dani Harari, SVP Strategy & Resources at ADAMA, said "We are excited to partner with Tactical Robotics to develop new and innovative solutions for aerial spraying. We believe that the Ag- Cormorant represents a new and improved method for aerial application and see the future potential of leveraging ADAMA’s crop protection portfolio in combination with its unique capabilities. We aim to continue providing these and other valuable services and products to enable farmers to optimize yields and help them grow ".

    Rafi Yoeli, CEO , Tactical Robotics, Ltd., said “When ADAMA approached us with their insights about the potential for Cormorant to answer some of the most pressing needs in the Ag sector we were extremely impressed by the ADAMA’s forward thinking and innovative spirit. Cormorant’s unique capabilities offer solutions to challenges in a variety of sectors and ADAMA’s participation and vision are an important contribution to a valuable application for our Cormorant UAV.

    About ADAMA:

    ADAMA Ltd. is one of the world's leading crop protection companies. We strive to Create Simplicity in Agriculture – offering farmers effective products and services that simplify their lives and help them grow. With one of the most comprehensive and diversified portfolios of differentiated, quality products, our 6,600-strong team reaches farmers in over 100 countries, providing them with solutions to control weeds, insects and disease, and improve their yields. For more information, visit us at www.ADAMA.com and follow us on Twitter® at @ADAMAAgri.

    About Tactical Robotics:

    Tactical Robotics Ltd, a subsidiary of Urban Aeronautics Ltd, has developed Cormorant, the world’s first compact footprint / high payload, internal rotor VTOL UAV. Cormorant’s groundbreaking, multi-role, vertical lift capabilities bring new solutions to a variety of sectors including, emergency response and disaster relief, fire fighting, cargo delivery, utility work and many others. Visit us at www.tactical-Robotics.com and follow us on Twitter@TacticalRobotix and Facebook@tacticalrobotics


    Ben Cohen
    Investor and Public Relations Email: ir@adama.com

    Tactical Robotics:
    Janina Frankel-Yoeli
    VP Marketing Email: info@tactical-robotics.com

    Download Multi-role Ag Cormorant Brochure (PDF)